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May 18, 2023

A Bridge in Delphi with Kelsi German

A Bridge in Delphi with Kelsi German

On February 13, 2017, Delphi, Indiana, was rocked by an unspeakable tragedy when two local teens, Liberty German, and Abigail Williams, were tragically lost, last seen hiking the Monon High Bridge Trail.

Over the next five and a half years, the community was seemingly held hostage while lead after lead drew dead for investigators. A media frenzy ignited, while tabloid conjecture and internet sleuths further complicated matters, only serving to retraumatize the victim's families and their communities.

However, in November of 2022, Richard Allen was arrested for the murders of Abigail and Liberty. He is currently housed at the Westville Correctional Facility.

The memory of Liberty German and Abigail Williams continues to ignite the Delphi community's search for justice. Their lives, cut tragically short, serve as a painful reminder of the ongoing fight against such heinous crimes. Their case's mystery remains, but the determination to find the truth remains undiminished.

While the tragedy of their passing will forever be a part of Delphi's history, the town chooses to remember Abby and Libby not for their untimely deaths but for the light they brought into the world during their brief time.

After losing her sister, Kelsi German shifted her academic focus to psychology and criminal justice to help people like herself — the loved ones left behind after the murders.

Instagram:  @libertyg_sister

Kelsi’s Instagram: @thekelsi.siebert

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